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Value Added Service includes services that combines engineers skill with business management to produce a strong delivery operation for any project regardless of sector or industry. 

ESG expertise developed through a vast range of experience of consortium and partners, facilitates a unique design solution to suit the needs of each project efficiently and efficiently. 




3 D laser scanning for kuwait towers

client: Touristic Enterprice Co/

3D laser scanning for the Headquarter Building of MOI

client: Ministry of information

General Assessments & Building Survey of the Existing Systems in the Head Office Building - Ahmadi

Client: Schlumberger Company - Ahmadi

Oil Dvelopment Company Headquarters Office Building, Ahmadi

Client: Oil Development Company (ODC)


Client: Manpower and Government Restructuring Program

3D laser scanning for SHaikh KHazaal Heritage Castle- Kuwait

Client: National Council for Culture, arts and letters

Survey, 3D scanning, As- Built for the project:3d Laser Scanning, Evaluation, Study and Development for 9 Main Governmental Facilities. client: Partnership Technical Bureau, Kuwait PTB/PPP project

Topographic and Underground utilities Survey for Al Shadaiya University

Client: Kuwait University

3D laser scanning & BIM model for SOUQ SHARQ - water front

Client: Partnership Technical Bureau- Kuwait PTB/ PPP Project

3D laser scanning for the Headquarter building of KPTC

Client: Kuwait Public Transport Compsny

Evaluation & Visual Survey of Real Estates and over 1300 Buildings Client: Ministry of Finance

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